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01/10/2014 / José Quintás Alonso

Crisis de DEUDA.

Hace unos días , efectuando labores de reordenación, encontré un pequeño folleto que he comenzado a leer. Entre otras cuestiones y REFIRIÉNDOSE A LA CRISIS DE DEUDA DE LOS PAISES DESARROLLADOS, se dice en él lo siguiente:

• I see government pension benefits being cut to the bone. They’ll probably only go to the neediest.
• I see at least 40 million, unemployed or in make-work public assistance jobs.
• Sick elderly will be cared for at home. Almost no one will be able to afford nursing home care.
• I see millions of homeowners «upside down» – with the mortgage bigger than the market value of the home. A lot of them will hand the key to the lender and walk away. There will be a lot of empty houses with «For Sale» signs.
• Banking industry problems will return, much worse than anything we’ve seen. And much too big next time for the government to bail out. Either your savings will be wiped out or you’ll be paid in worthless paper dollars.
• I expect to see «extended families» crammed 10 to 15 into three-bedroom houses. Millions of retired folks will be forced to live with their children. Young people in their twenties and thirties – including young marrieds with their children – will move in with their parents. Often, not a person in the house will have a full-time Job.

Sin duda algo exagerado en algunos aspectos. Ahora bien, ¿ estaremos en un momento de cierta calma…esperando la GRAN OLA?. No lo se.

Bien, lo curioso es que el folleto FUE EDITADO EN 1995.

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