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09/05/2015 / José Quintás Alonso

Spain, approaching SCUM state?


I have seen it fit to draw attention to the SCUM Manifesto, written by Valerie Jean Solanas (born in Ventnor, New Jersey, 1936). Excerpts are included from her text to present her opinions on the problems she saw with society and to show her vision of a perfect future society and how both women and men would function (or not) in that society.

The reader should not be surprised in any way, but rather should keep in mind the contradiction the Manifesto poses to advanced society, even though some feminist centers recognize its ideas as valid and they can even be found in some aspects of the current Spanish law against gender violence.

Websites and other visuals are included in the text in order to demonstrate the relevance of the Manifesto, as surprising and categorical as it is in its claims.

The text provides an excellent opportunity to highlight something fundamental: the law does not take into account gender violence exercised by women on men, and it also does not explain why there cannot be gender violence without having or having had (at some point) an emotional relationship between the perpetrator and the victim, or why it discriminates based on sex and eliminates the presumption of innocence on behalf of the accused male.

It is convenient to rethink these issues in the heat of empirical evidence rather than ideological evidence, and seek agreement with neighboring countries (EU-28).

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