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04/30/2023 / José Quintás Alonso

Metrex y Kiev

fot.UM Wrocław.- Photo: Volodymyr Bondarenko, president of Kyiv City Council, is welcomed at the METREX Wrocław Conference

Representatives of the City of Kyiv joined the Wroclaw Conference this week to accept honorary membership of METREX. 

The Ukrainian capital will join our network of European metropolitan regions and areas in sharing knowledge and solutions on issues such as climate change, cohesion and changing demographics.

The membership will give Kyiv’s city administration access to vital expertise in many areas of planning. It has been awarded in recognition of the city’s extraordinary resilience during the ongoing conflict waged by Russia.

The honour was made at the METREX spring conference, which was hosted by the City of Wrocław over 23-26 April 2023. The focus of the conference was ‘a metropolitan answer to current crises in Europe: Rethinking resources, demography, resilience’.

The honour was accepted by Mr. Volodymyr Bondarenko, president of Kyiv City Council, who addressed the conference in person on the theme of overcoming crises.

Jakub Mazur, first deputy mayor of Wrocław and president of METREX, said: “We are pleased to offer METREX as a home for Kyiv. To meet and learn from other cities and regions across Europe. To share experiences with fellow European cities and regions.”

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